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Devplex has an in-depth understanding of the development process and is the perfect strategic partner to help guide, oversee and execute your investment goals.
There are many facets to the process, so we have provided a simple summary of the three core segments that encapsulate the development life cycle which are;

Within each of these segments, we have highlighted the individual steps that form the development process.

Development Process

1 Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation with one of our Development Specialists provides an obligation- free overview of your development options. We evaluate your specific needs and then provide recommendations of the appropriate steps required to achieve the desired objectives.

2 Feasibility Assessment​

After or in conjunction with your initial consultation this is essentially the first and most important step when undertaking any form of property development. Our feasibility study focusses on the broad stroke aspects that need to be considered during the initial assessment of a project’s commercial & financial merits. In short, we give your proposed development a health check.

3 Site Analysis​

This stage is a follow on of the feasibility assessment and relates to identifying the possible challenges, limitations and opportunities a development site possesses when it comes to supporting built-form. We will look at core considerations such site geometry and contour, build type and yield. Generally, at this stage we may need to engage sub-consultants such as surveyors and engineers to accurately investigate facets that will be critical to the project’s assessment as it matures.

4 Initial Design Proposal & Specification

Having gained the required information from the previous steps, our experienced team formulate the most appropriate design solution, maximising your site’s development potential. This is supported by a well-thought-out choice of materials, fixtures and finishes that completes its overall feel, appearance and ultimately its success.

5 Quotation Proposal & Preliminary Agreement​

On completion of the concept design and specification, Devplex prepares a comprehensive quotation summary of the proposed development. This encompasses a detailed specification accompanied by fully itemised building and site costs ready for your perusal.

A Preliminary Agreement escorts the Quotation Proposal, when given the green light, requests Devplex to prepare the lodgement of a development application and subsequently formal contract documentation.

6 Development Application (DA)​

Once the project’s design parameters have been established and a consensus reached on the final yield, layout and look of the built form, a development application is prepared and lodged. The application not only focuses on the building structure and site, but also maps out the spatial distribution of the subdivision layout.


This approval becomes the platform from which the development will evolve.

7 Contracts

The receipt of the planning approval is the catalyst for the preparation and execution of formal contract documentation. These documents fundamentally set out the scope of work to be undertaken and list out the performance and obligations of all parties under the contract.


Once these contracts have been executed and accepted by all parties, they open the gateway into the next phase of pre-construction administration.

8 Pre-Construction Administration

Once this stage is reached, you will be allocated a dedicated Contracts Administrator (CA) to guide you through the pre-construction process commonly known as pre-start. At this point you are able to personalise your projects fixtures, finishes, materials, colours and finalise any fine-tuning that may be required. To assist and to help streamline this process, you will have access to our unique online client portal. This portal lists out a full range of selections options and possible upgrades so you are well prepared and informed when it comes to your pre-start meeting.


Your CA will also advice and assist with many other aspects integral to the projects progression such as coordinating utility providers, neighbour consultations and financier’s documentation.

9 Approvals & Certification

Once your project’s pre-start has been completed with all selections and any amendments finalised, we coordinate all the required approvals, permits and certifications. This then allows the pre-construction team to finalise our supplier and contractor selection and prepare all relevant documentation ready to hand onto the construction team for a site start.

10 On-site Construction​

Once all requirements have been met through the various proceeding stages, we are ready to move into the final and most exciting phase: construction.
Your development’s construction will be overseen by a dedicated site supervisor who will direct progress and ensure quality control. Their knowledge and attention to detail in conjunction with having access to some of the most experienced and qualified tradespeople in WA equals a stress-free quality experience.
During any phase of the development process, communication is of paramount importance and especially so during construction. This is supported via our unique three-prong approach when it comes to information flow and progress updates by having direct access to your:

  • Site Supervisor
  • Construction Liaison
  • On-Line Customer Portal

11 Completion & Handover​

The most important and satisfying milestone for any developer has been reached, Completion!


Once completed, your Site Supervisor will guide through a final inspection of your Development, focusing attention on its presentation and finish quality. They will also highlight the functionality of various appliances, automation and services features.


Also, a guide on ongoing maintenance and service requirements is provided to assist you keeping your development compliant, safe and looking good.

12 Subdividing & Strata Titling

In our initial consultation when analysing your development’s primary objectives, we would have identified the most appropriate title format for your project. Now that construction completion has been reached, sub-consultants are in a position to be able to complete the strata titling process (only applicable to a built strata format).

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