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This is essentially the one of first and most important steps when considering undertaking any form of property development. Understanding the possible challenges, limitations and opportunities of a site can establish a stable foundation from which to launch your property development venture from.

We can guide developers and investors through a wide range of aspects that need to be considered during the initial assessment of a project’s merits. 

Here are some of the things we investigate and get you to consider when assessing a property’s development potential:

  •  Site geometry, total useable area and development yield 
  • R-code zoning and the relationship to LG schemes, LLP’s and DAP’s, 
  • The requirement for any infrastructure or development contributions 
  • Site / soil & wind classification 
  • BAL (bushfire attack level) assessment 
  • Site contours and topography 
  • Availability and access to essential services and utilities 
  • Surrounding built environment and its effect on constructability 
  • Local demographics & Socio-economics 
  • Local transport hubs, routes and amenity infrastructure 
  • Noise attenuation requirements. 

We have found that developers who arm themselves with this type information are better equipped when it comes to undertaking a project’s risk assessment. 

Once these core considerations have been assessed and documented, we have a platform from which to begin bringing your specific development goals to life.

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Instantly calculate the number of dwellings permitted to be built on your land.

*All information provided is subject to all relevant or local government approval.



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