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A rear strata development or a house behind a house can be a great introductory path into the property development arena.

With the push for greater infill re-development the rear and survey strata have been embraced as mainstream housing. Lots in areas with the lower densities such as R20 and R25 are similar in size to what would be considered an average block size in most greenfield estates.

The possibilities and benefits that come from this type of development are abundant as are the motivations for undertaking such a venture. One of the main drivers is accessing the equity sitting in your backyard that has accumulated over years of ownership. That equity can be realised by the sale of the newly created investment property (which could also be the original home) or via a rent and hold approach.

Equally important are lifestyle changes where owners are looking at downsizing to a more manageable easy-care lot size and building a new home without having to relocate. This also gives owners the opportunity of including aspects in their new home that assist them with future aging in place.

Rear Strata developments are very popular with first-time developers and downsizers because to source an opportunity can be as simple as looking out your back door.

Devplex can assist in making an opportunity a reality.



Avg Per House

Min Land Area Required


450 m2

900 m2


350 m2

700 m2


300 m2

600 m2

Development Calculator

Instantly calculate the number of dwellings permitted to be built on your land.

*All information provided is subject to all relevant or local government approval.

Development Types


Rear Strata / House Behind House






Multi-Unit / Quadraplex




Narrow Lots


Mixed-use Commercial


Terrace / Town houses


Retirement Villages / Aged Care


NDIS / SDA Accomodations

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