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This is a service most builders don’t offer as they consider this to be part of the developer’s responsibilities. At Devplex, we are able to manage the entire subdivision process for the various lot types, such as Survey Strata, Built Strata and Freehold or Green Title lots.

In our initial consultation, we will analyse your development’s primary objectives. This means weighing up the various pros and cons, which will ultimately guide you towards the most appropriate title format, yield and layout.

We can co-ordinate and administer the core stages of any land subdivision, which include (but not limited to):

  • Subdivision master planning and lot configuration
  • Surveying (contour & feature, site pegging etc.)
  • Application to WAPC (depending on number and type of subdivision) to seek conditional approval.
  • Seek clearances from local authorities and utility providers (in some cases requiring physical or civil works).
  • Title Lodgement.

One of the things that make us truly unique is that unlike many others offering similar services, we also consider the subdivision’s ability to accommodate built-form. This is an aspect that is generally overlooked and can add cost and compromise building design if not considered from the outset.

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Instantly calculate the number of dwellings permitted to be built on your land.

*All information provided is subject to all relevant or local government approval.



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