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When contemplating any type of property development, the most daunting aspect as with most ventures is selecting, engaging and coordinating a team to execute your vision. The added difficulty with this is that one consultant can let down and affect the performance of the rest of the team. This is not an uncommon occurrence as it can be triggered by something as simple as a personality clash.

Devplex can provide a total management solution for your project, covering all aspects of a development’s requirements. Essentially a developer’s “One-Stop-Shop” taking a project from concept to completion. We possess an inhouse team of capable, professional and experienced personnel, dedicated to providing a satisfying customer experience.

The benefits of this type of approach are numerous with one of the main being that we have been involved from a project’s very inception. Collectively with the developer we have moulded the project’s parameters, fully understanding what is required and what the objectives are. We are mindful of the next person to follow on from the completion of a task because we are the next person.

So, from the outset we can oversee and plan the nexus between all the elements required to deliver a seamless quality development on time and on budget.

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Instantly calculate the number of dwellings permitted to be built on your land.

*All information provided is subject to all relevant or local government approval.



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